The video shows an early version of the Mobile Connectivity Trailer. Due to Pelsue’s commitment to quality, features and options are subject to change without notice.

Mobile Connectivity Trailer

The Mobile Connectivity Trailer is a rapidly deployable communication trailer that can be used to create a cellular coverage area when Verizon coverage is not available.

Mobile Connectivity Trailers use Verizon 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise technology to connect to an internet source—a satellite internet backhaul or local internet service provider (ISP) connection—to provide 4G LTE coverage. The Network Extender for Enterprise uses an enterprise-grade VPN to secure all communication with the Verizon network.


With high speed satellite backhaul, the solution can be setup in remote areas without the need for microwave or other wired backhaul.

Photos shown are of a fully-equipped Mobile Connectivity Trailer. Due to Pelsue’s commitment to quality, features and options are subject to change without notice.

Key Features

Rapid Deployment

The Mobile Connectivity Trailer can be deployed in as little as one hour from arrival on-site, providing rapid communication capability when you need it the most.

Up to 42 Active Users

The Mobile Connectivity Trailer can support up to 42 active users with simultaneous HD voice and data sessions, so your team can stay connected to vital communications.

Multi-Spectrum Support

The Mobile Connectivity Trailer supports band 13 or band 4 spectrum, giving you access to Verizon’s dedicated public-safety LTE core.

Standard Features

Frame & Body Assembly
  • All-aluminum frame structure engineered to 4000-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)
  • Dexter “Torflex” torsion axle with electric brakes (4250-pound capacity) & breakaway system
  • Goodyear brand trailer tires (ST225/75R15) on steel wheels
  • Rear aluminum step bumper
  • DOT compliant exterior LED lighting & reflector package
  • Hitch structure with heavy-duty safety chains, 2” ball coupler standard hitch
  • Tongue jack, swing-down style, with solid 8” caster wheel
  • Stabilizer & leveling jacks, swing-down style, located at all four corners of frame structure
  • 7-pole RV (spade) style trailer electrical connector
  • Fiberglass body structure, seamless monocoque shell construction
  • Replaceable fiberglass fenders
  • Personnel entry door at rear with keyed paddle latch & deadbolt
  • White vinyl perforated window covers
  • Fire extinguisher mounted inside personnel door, 2-pound, disposable
Electrical Package
  • Power inlet, 120/240 VAC, 30-amp, twist lock, front exterior of trailer
  • Power cord, 30-amp, twist lock, 25’ length
  • Centralized trailer control center with individual AC & DC circuit distribution and circuit breaker enclosures
  • Duplex 120 VAC GFCI protected receptacle at the control center
  • 12V DC power port at the control center
  • Power converter & battery charger, 30-amp
  • Dual overhead LED light fixtures, 2000 lumens each, switch at the control center
  • Low-profile roof-mounted HVAC unit, 15000 BTUh cooling & 6000 BTUh heating, with remote thermostat
  • Deep cycle battery, 12V DC, group 24, in secure battery enclosure
  • Solar trickle charger, roof-mounted, for battery maintenance
  • Cable pass-through at curbside wall of trailer
  • Deployed equipment alarm system
Mobile Connectivity Network
  • Network enclosure, standard rack mount, front & rear access doors with windows, aluminum
  • Cisco Meraki network switch with 3-year licensing
  • Cisco Meraki security appliance (firewall) with 3-year licensing
  • GPS splitter assembly, amplified, 8 outputs, roof-mounted GPS antenna
  • 1 Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network extender for Enterprise, rack mounted
  • Mobile workstation (includes laptop computer), and mobile mount structure (for diagnostics and troubleshooting of the Mobile Connectivity Trailer)
  • RJ45 Cat6 pass-through from front of trailer unit to network enclosure
  • Mobile connectivity network is cabled and configured for push button, turn-key operation
  • Cantenna assembly, omni sector, clover pattern, dual band, Low PIM, equipped with quick-connect mounting base
  • Secure, dedicated interior storage for Cantenna assembly
  • Heavy-duty locking pneumatic mast, 7’ – 30’ H, equipped with quick-connect payload adapter
  • Air compressor system for mast extension, push-button electric operation, easily accessible at mast location
  • Cabling entrance box at front for RF connectors, color-coded ports
  • Color-coded RF cables, low-loss, Low-PIM
  • Grounding cable on retractable reel, 50’ long cable, high visibility
Satellite Backhaul System
  • AVL Model 1280KVH-AAQ, 1.2 meter “Exede” satellite antenna & auto-acquire antenna controller
  • ViaSat “SurfBeam” satellite modem, activated with 80GB of prepaid data
  • ViaSat 1 supports 18Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload
  • Exterior mounting frame and support structure for satellite antenna
  • Automatic stowage system, triggers stowing of satellite antenna when winds in excess of 50mph are measured
  • Deployed equipment alarm system interface for satellite antenna
Verizon Branding Package
  • Exterior Verizon branding, red “check” motif
Maintenance Contract
  • Maintenance Contract, basic, 12-month, Mobile Connectivity Trailer
  • 24×7 Remote Support – (800) 525-0481
  • 2 on-site visits are included
    -One on-site visit includes support if issue cannot be resolved with Tier 1 and Tier 2 phone support
    -One on-site visit includes annual tune-up of equipment to ensure product is ready to deploy
    -Additional on-site support visits are available at a fee
  • Replacement parts to be shipped within 24-hours of a positive diagnosis (excluding dish
    antenna and pneumatic mast)

Available Options

The Mobile Connectivity Trailer was designed as a base trailer with many available options to better meet your needs. Please look at all the available options below to determine the options you want your trailer equipped with.

On-Board Diesel Generator Option
  • 5kW 120/240 VAC commercial mobile generator unit
  • 30-gallon capacity DOT/EPA approved fuel tank with driver side fill point and electronic level gauge
  • Remote start and stop system, with hour meter and diagnostic indicators installed at the trailer control center
  • Quiet exhaust system with curbside discharge
  • Weatherproof commercial twist lock, generator power disconnect
  • Carbon monoxide detector mounted inside of trailer
  • Provisions for ease of access to typical maintenance points
Spare Cable Set Option
  • Complete set of spare RF cables for the Mobile Connectivity Trailer network
  • 4X cables, low-loss, Low-PIM
Guy Wire Option
  • Kevlar Guy Wire kit for the stabilization of the pneumatic mast in adverse weather conditions
  • Ground anchors for a variety of soil conditions
  • Military style canvas carrying bag for complete kit
Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot Option
  • Trailer mounted Iridium “GO” satellite communications module. Will pair with up to 5 devices (only one device is usable for 1x voice service at any one time) to provide satellite-based communications capability in remote areas. Useful as an emergency back-up communication link when setting-up or troubleshooting the Mobile Connectivity Trailer unit. Includes prepaid 1000 minutes/ 1-year SIM
Stabilization Option
  • Telescopic aluminum outriggers (four feet effective length) at the mast location, designed to add additional transverse stability in adverse weather conditions
  • Redundant locking feature combined with audible & visual alarm system ensure proper stowage prior to transit
  • Interior storage provisions for front-mounted stabilizer jacks to prevent damage or theft in transit
  • 4 portable stabilizer jack pads for increased surface area in soft ground conditions
  • Interior storage provisions for stabilizer jack pads
Convenience Option
  • Spare tire & carrier (full-size), mounted outside of trailer unit
  • Weatherproof document holder, mounted on trailer tongue, for storage and ready access to registration and other legal documentation
  • Trailer plug holder, mounted adjacent to hitch, provides ready storage for the trailer plug when not in use, preventing damage
  • First aid kit, 25-person, OSHA-compliant, first aid kit holder in steel with wall-mounted holder, installed inside of trailer unit
  • Wheel chocks and holder, 1 pair of heavy-duty, non-slip wheel chocks for trailer wheel, includes exterior holder mounted above curbside fender for storage
  • Key lock box, custom 4-digit resetable combination, mounted adjacent to personnel door for ease of access of trailer unit entry keys
  • Compact combination of ladder with interior storage bracket enables easy access to the top of the antenna mast and trailer unit
Work Area, Power, and Lighting Option
  • 42” H fixed work surface, 65” W x 33” L, textured finish
  • Task chair, padded, pneumatic height adjustment, caster wheels
  • Securement strap for task chair while unit is in transit
  • Additional overhead LED light fixtures (2X), located over fixed work surface
  • Exterior LED work lighting, single 3600 lumen, panning and tilting work light mounted on each exterior wall of the unit for a total of 4 light fixtures
  • Interior toggle switches located immediately inside of personnel door for interior & exterior LED lighting
  • 2 120 VAC GFCI protected power receptacles mounted on interior wall above the work surface
  • USB receptacle, class 2.0 (4-ports) mounted on interior wall above work surface
Training/Deployment Exercise
  • Training session for the Mobile Connectivity Trailer, on-site for a single day, for up to 10 persons

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Connectivity Trailer FAQ


Pelsue highly recommends a training deployment exercise for the Mobile Connectivity Trailer for users unfamiliar with the trailer.

This training is on-site for a single day for up to 10 people, where the participants can actively ask questions and familiarize themselves with the trailer. The participants will be able to deploy the trailer themselves and test the unit.

In addition, a video which covers the basic deployment of the Mobile Connectivity Trailer can be found below. The video can be used as a training aid for users who are unable to attend the on-site training exercise, or as a refresher for those who need to brush up on the proper deployment steps.

Deployment Video:

Additional Video:

For more information, contact your Verizon representative or visit:



Contact your Verizon Representative or visit Verizon's Public Safety site


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